What To Expect

Forest Bathing is not hiking. It is a way to consciously and deliberately reconnect with nature, to acknowledge the sanctity of our surroundings and our inner world and the relationship between them .

You can expect to move at a slow pace, multiple meditations will be used to aid in bringing you to the here and now. You will be invited to feel sensations throughout your body and your senses. 

You can expect to feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Most sessions end with a tea ceremony. 

Bring with you: something to sit on if you are not comfortable sitting on the bare ground, sanitizer, bug repellent and anything that will help you to be present. 

I encourage silencing your cell phone during the session to avoid distractions. The goal is to "drop into" a deep sense of relaxation and take in the healing properties of the plants and animals
around us.