Ruth Trujillo-Pertew- LCSW,

Certified Forest Bathing Guide


I am Ruth and I am a psychotherapist with over ten years of experience facilitating transitions and growth. I am a firm believer that each one of us has the answers to our problems but we may need a little help sometimes to clarify goals and direction. My approach is eclectic and collaborative: I take from many different approaches that best fit with the client. My goal is to create a safe space to let you be yourself, be heard, understood and help you to reach your goals.

Whether you need help with relationship issues, family problems, work related issues or emotional difficulties I would love to support and help you on your journey.

I provide Confidential Psychotherapy services remotely through secure tele-health portal. Nature Based psychotherapy sessions are held in a park setting comfortable for the Client.  


-Individual sessions (teletherapy- video call)

-Nature based individual sessions- women only 

-Couples sessions

-Common challenges that I work with:

        - Women's issues,Transitions, finding purpose and meaning, loss of motivation, relationship and family                       issues, depression, anxiety, identity issues, self esteem, confidence, assertiveness, boundaries, childhood                trauma, self care, work  related issues, pandemic related languishing, substance abuse. 

Approach and Training: 


-Psychodynamic Therapy

-Strength Based

-Client Centered

-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

-Insight Oriented

-Guidance and Counseling


-I accept the following insurances: Oscar, Oxford, United Health Care, Cigna and Aetna

-Out of pocket fee range: $100-$125


On my spare time I love to  spend time time with my two young sons, reading, writing, and hiking in the woods often spotting hawks, and always searching for owls. 

Great job reaching out. I look forward to working with you :)

BOOKING: Contact me directly at (516) 974-8808 or

"Ruth is an amazing therapist. She’s helped me through my issues by helping me view them through a different lens. Thank you, Ruth." KA

"Ruth is gentle and warm in her approach. She supports with positivity, encouragement, and empathy. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work with her." JA