About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

North Shore Forest Therapy is the product of years of collective inner work and practice.  Our goal is to help others reconnect with nature,  find clarity, a respite from stress, and inspiration. 


Meet Ruth 


Hi and welcome to North Shore Forest Therapy! I would like to share my experience of how I found the forest and my experience allowing it to find and to know me–which may resonate with you on your unique journey.


I grew up in Central  America surrounded by mango, tamarind and coffee trees–nature always meant sustenance to me. I have always felt a deep connection to any and all trees, and the deep woods–it's a refuge especially, when life becomes overwhelming.


As a young adult finishing up my Masters Degree at Stony Brook University, I felt compelled to help others, specifically, Latin American immigrants and day laborers living in Long Island, New York. I organized and secured funding  for The Unity Group in Brentwood–wanting to make a difference for those that newly arrived to America–and whom, like my family, struggled to survive and thrive. 


I soon graduated, got married, became a mom, and began practicing as a clinical therapist offering various modalities of talk therapy. After a fast paced decade in traditional organizations I felt there was something missing for myself and the people I was attempting to empower.


Simply put, I burned out. So I decided to transition to administrative roles in the non for profit sector–which eventually led me to accepting a higher level and higher stress position at a struggling local hospital. All along I continued to take solace in the forests at various preserves and parks on the weekends–to decompress, to search for clarity, and to prepare myself for the stressful weeks to come. 


That's when the practice of forest bathing, known as Shinrin-yoku in Japan found me and showed me how to bring the wisdom of the forest to any environment. I strongly believe that the forest and all types of outdoor natural landscapes have a lot to offer for our mental and physical health if we are open to it. 


Join me if you like–I can guide you safely in and out of the forest.  I can make the forest familiar to you, but will you let it find you and know you? The forest speaks–I am practicing to listen, would you like to practice too?